10 poker tells. Ultimate Poker Tells Guide – Top 10 Live & Online Poker Tells


10 poker tells. Ultimate Poker Tells Guide – Top 10 Live & Online Poker Tells

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells, written by the expert, Zachary Elwood. We also list our top 10 online poker tells, so you can dominate live & online. Poker tells are an inexact science, but here are 10 simple tells you can usually count on to reveal the strength of your opponents’ hands. Live poker tells are easy to pick up on if you know what you’re looking for. It was only a year or two ago that live poker tells were being questioned and eventually dubbed ‘overrated’. The online poker generation argued – and to some extent proved – that betting patterns, hand values and ranges are what really matter in poker. While.

Poker Tells – Online & Live

Each time, you noticed that he had a lot of small, relaxed movements; he played with his chips, he flexed his neck a bit, his arms moved around on the rail, his gaze moved to and from his opponent to the cards and back again several times, etc. It’s a natural instinct when attempting to conceal a big hand to try and appear weak. Whether you play live poker or online poker, a read on an opponent based on a tell should not be the focus of your decision-making, but rather a factor in it alongside opponent history, table dynamics and metagame. Obscure Ramblings — You will often find lots of light hearted banter between players sat around a Poker table, however if one player starts rambling on about something unusual that is often a tell that they are trying to distract other players and not alert them to the way they are playing or just what type of hand they are holding! Then, when the action comes to him, he raises. The more a verbal statement can be seen as an obstacle to an opponent’s action, the more likely it becomes that the statement is said defensively.

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Top 10 Poker Tells

The online poker generation argued — and to some extent proved — that betting patterns, hand values and ranges are what really matter in poker. While that is true to an extent, the pendulum has now swung too far the other way, with the result that live tells are now very much underrated. However, it should only take a quick visit to your local cardroom or casino for you to see that there is so much extra information available playing live compared to what you can get online.

By contrast, a young guy wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt, shades and a baseball cap, will often be loose, dangerous and very aggressive.

Look for any tightening — tension is a sign of a bluff. Also, any submissive gestures, such as biting the lips, is a sign of weakness. There are very few players who are able to be as comfortable when making a big bluff as they are when making a big bet with the nuts. However, you can also elicit it — try staring them down or, even better, asking them questions to judge how comfortable they are if they reply. They may be shaky or nervous if they have a big hand, but often the best tell of strength is if an opponent is aggressive with their chips.

Here, signs of strength normally equal weakness. There is a strong correlation between age and how people play in a live game. Younger players tend to be more aggressive and more aware of concepts like three-betting preflop.

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To start with, most amateur poker players have the wrong ideas about which tells to look out for. Well, Matt Damon obviously could tell by the way Teddy ate his cookie exactly how strong his hand was.

That’s just one of the examples that just don’t work outside of movies. In most cases tells are contradictory and inconsistent and do not reveal enough information to solely base a play on. Many experts have written books and articles about tells.

Most of them are too broad to actually be useful or they’re too narrow and you’ll rarely find an opponent exposing this specific tell. PokerOlymp’s Jan Meinert shares 10 tells which at least in most cases “work” — if you’re playing against weaker players who don’t have a lot of live experience under their belt. Weak Means Strong A gloomy face can be revealing. This is one of the best known poker tells and it’s seen very often among new players.

Players that act weak usually have a strong hand. Sighing, shrugging or a gloomy face very often indicate a very strong hand. It’s a natural instinct when attempting to conceal a big hand to try and appear weak.

A player shrugging and raising usually has a strong hand, so don’t fall for that trap! Straightened Posture A player who straightens his posture to play a hand or while in a hand usually has something he’s at least interested in. More often than not he even has a very strong hand and is getting ready to pull out the big guns.


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